Convert MP4 to MP3

Do you need rip the audio data from your MP4 video files and play it in your MP3 players? this free software named "Convert MP4 to MP3" can help you, it can extract the audio data from your MP4/MPEG4 video files and convert to the most popular audio format MP3. Now if you like one song or music in a video file, with this small and simple tool, you can get the full the music by yourself, very easy and quickly, copy to your iPod, portable MP3 player and etc, you can enjoy these beloved music anytime and anywhere as you like.

Not only MPEG4 format, many other familiar video format be supported in "Convert MP4 to MP3" program, such as AVI, DivX, Xvid, FLV (Flash Video), Quicktime Video (.mov), DVD video, VOB video and more, Convert MP4 to MP3 can read the audio data from all these video file, the output MP3 audio can have a good audio quality. You can use this program to create your original movie soundtrack by yourself, it is fun and cool.

This is completely FREE software, the software license is Freeware.

Download here (mirror)

How to Convert

The conversion usage is simple, after you download and install this program, you can find one video list on the main interface, you can use "Add" button to select and add your MP4 video files into this video, you can add different videos one time, then click "Convert to MP3" button, after you select one output folder, program will start the conversion process one by one, the output MP3 files will be saved the output folder. Once all the conversion jobs done, you can click "Play MP3" button to listen the result MP3 audio files.

About Audio Data in MP4 Video

MP4 files can have different audio data format, such as MP3 format, AAC format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at many bit rates, but AAC audio format support multi-channels, and the MP3 support two channels only, so if you MPEG4/MP4 video use the AAC audio format, Convert MP4 to MP3 only convert the main two audio channels to MP3 audio.

Video Formats Support

Not only MP4 video, many video formats are supported, that means you can use "Convert MP4 to MP3" as one free:

  • MP4 to MP3 Converter
  • MPEG to MP3 Converter
  • AVI to MP3 Converter
  • MOV to MP3 Converter
  • FLV to MP3 Converter
  • DVD to MP3 Converter
  • VOB to MP3 Converter